Pop up shop

From May to September 2013, we had a pop up shop in the Mander Centre – Wolverhampton’s main shopping centre. We housed the work of over 80 local artists and crafts makers. This gave them the chance to have their work on sale without them needing to use their time and all the money made stayed in the local economy. This was the social change we wanted to bring about, to show people that we can do things differently and it just requires thinking in other ways to make them happen.

The shop was also fitted with display furniture made from reclaimed materials. The standard line is that to start a new business, you’re looking at needing a sum of around £20,000. Well not here… We had to pay for the till and the public liability insurance so it cost us £500 to get going.

Thanks to everyone who was involved in some way, from the makers to the customers and everyone who supported the initiative.