This furniture section contains all locally designed and made items. If you would like to purchase one of them, please email to arrange collection. They are currently only available to collect from Wolverhampton. I no longer live in Wolverhampton so these items are no longer on sale.

Low reclining chair £80
Low reclining chair £80

Buy Now ButtonThis chair is perfect for lounging, reading or gaming and the seat is big enough to sit cross legged.

Garden chair with storage arm rests £90 Seat width is 40cm

Buy Now ButtonThis garden chair has hinged arm rests so you can keep your book, drink or phone safely inside. It is varnished and a unique design by Elliot Lord.

Pallet chair £60
Pallet chair £60

Buy Now ButtonA wide garden chair painted with outdoor paint, it’s big enough for 2 young children to sit on together!

Small mosaic table 40x30x30cm £45
Small mosaic table 40x30x30cm SOLD £45

Buy Now ButtonThis unique design is made from many pieces of wood arranged as a mosaic. It is a small table that could go next to a chair or bed.

Mosaic coffee table 60x38cm £85

Buy Now ButtonA larger mosaic coffee table, this is a unique design and would definitely be noticed by your guests. It is very difficult to make so not many of these will ever be made!

Refurbished table 60x45cm £60

Buy Now ButtonA repurposed table with a new surface, it has been wood stained to give a rustic look.

Coat rack/ towel rack with upper shelf £35
Coat rack/ towel rack with upper shelf £35

Buy Now ButtonThis rack can be used in the hall or the bathroom to hang coats or towels and keep items on the top shelf. Treated with French Oak wood stain.

Dark branch coat pegs £15
Dark branch coat pegs £15

Buy Now ButtonThis dark coat peg is made with branches to be really rustic.

Light branch coat pegs £15
Light branch coat pegs £15 SOLD

Buy Now ButtonThis lighter version uses real branches at coat pegs.


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