The Light House shop


Our time at the Light House is now finished. We operated there for 19 months and thank them for allowing us to use their space. Because of other projects that I am busy with it’s time to call an end to this one after 3 years. I plan to adapt We Love Crafts into another project however, one that links with a more recent Our Own Future project but it’s early days and there is nothing in place just yet.

Thanks to all the craft makers and artists who have joined forces with us over the years and of course everyone who has bought something from us. It’s made well over £4000 for talented local people.

Artists and craft makers from the Wolverhampton area sold their works on our unit at the Light House media centre, Fryer St, W’ton, WV1 1HT. We have a wide range of products in the reception area and support a number of local people. All the products are handmade and whenever you buy something, you are helping our local economy as it goes back to people in the area.


We sold artists’ prints as well as the items you see on the shelves.


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